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Last day of school




Today was the last day of school it was also footy colours day. For footy colours day you had to wear your favourite team colours. It didn’t have to fottball it could be any team colours. If you were dressing up you had to bring a gold coin donation.

I’m going to miss school but lucky it is a only to weeks hoilday.At least I’m still going to school on the hoilday because I go to school hoilday program.  I’m not doing much but I’m  going to two musicals, one of the musicals are called Pinocio and the other comes in a book and it’s my favourite book, Treasure Island.


On the last day of school 4KM and 4KJ wathched a movie, the name of the movie was Dolphin Tale. It was a sad movie but I’m not going to tell you about it because might have not watched it yet and you will be.


What’s your plans for the


What team did you dress up as on

footy colours day?

Have you seen the movie Dolphin


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My Pet


  Today I am going to talk about,

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I have one pet her name is Maxi. Mum got Maxi when she was a little girl. She got her from a friend.

Now I’ll tell you about Maxi

Mum got Maxi when she was a little girl she got a a gift for her birthday. Mum has had for a long time she carn’t even remember what type of cat she is. Maxi she a girl even though it sounds like a boys name. Since March I have been calling her a boy but then Mum said she was a girl and I was sorry for Maxi because what I’ve been calling her. Every day,afternoon and night she would go for a walk then come back because she’s hungry. Maxi is turning grey because she is so old. Mum dosen’t really care for her any more so lucky mum had three kids. My sister (ash) and I love animals and when we build a new house we are going to get a dog but Charlotte has to learn not to be scared of cats and dogs

Image: ‘Meaw Meaw

                    http://www.flickr.com/photos/ 31191642@N05/3932052676


            Image: ‘Maine coon kittens
http://www.flickr.com/photos/ 64294921@N00/528165182


Do you have a pet?

What do you think is a better pet to have cat or dog?

What’s your favourite animal?

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Letter to Steve Johnson


To Steve,

I’m a mad surporter of the Geelong Cats.  My dad takes me to almost every game and is a mad surporter just like me. My sister Ash always beggs to come to the games as well, but then she dosen’t really watch the game. When the Cats play at Simmonds Stadium, I stand up the back under the tent because it has cover when it rains. My auntie goes to all the games as well and she is a mad Cats supporter as well. There are a lot of good players in the Geelong team but you are my favourite. Before I put your number (20) on the back of my jumper my favourite player was Nathlen Ablett.

In term 1 or 2 at Leopld primary school Jed Brews and Andew Mackie came to our school and tought us a lot of tips about football and most of the students that day learnt more about football then they did before. Their was lots of activitys to do. One of the activitys  were  a tacking bag and I just prendended it was a Collingwood player and I knocked it pretty hard. After all the activitys they were giving out signatures.

Ash and I also went to a Footy Clinic last year for the Geelong Advertiser. I was photographed with Josh Hunt and I also learnt how to kick properly from you. When I was doing the tackling activity with Tom Gillies, he accidently knocked me over but it was OK because I got straight up just like you did when Aaron Sandilands knocked you over when you played Fremantle earlier this year. That is why I think you are the best because you are strong and can kick great goals


From Maddy


Question 1 – Who is your favourite player in the AFL?

Question 2 – What team do you barrack for?

Question 3 – Do you think the umpires do a good job?

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Welcome to my blog


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I’m excited to put posts on the blog, and receive comments. I’m glad  that I got my own blog because I like commenting on other peoples blogs, but now I can comment on my own blog. Libby and Lilli were also very happy when Mrs Morris said we were getting our own blog.  My parents and I think Libby and Lilli’s were happy that we earn’t our own blogs and they can help us for posts to do. It will be nice to see people commenting on my blog. I will try to reply to people as much as I can.



What do you think of my blog?

Do you have any tips for me and my blog?

Do you have a blog?

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