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A weekend Away


This weekend my parents had to go to Perth for a friends 40th, my sister Ash stayed a my grandmas in Leopold for the weekend, while my youngest sister stayed at home with my aunt, in Leopold. As for me I was driven all the way up to Point Lonsdale to stay with my other […]

High School


It is the year 2015, and I have sadly left Leopold Primary School and am now attending Saint Ignatius College. i am currently in Year 7, and my teacher is Mr Freeman, he teaches us Maths, Physical Education (PE), Health, and Personal Learning (PL). It is now term three, the first semester the specialist I […]

country of the world


This term we are learning about countries all around the world. Everybody got to pick a country they wanted to learn more about. Firstly I wanted to learn more about Italy because half of my family were Italian, but someone else got Italy instead. Then I saw Georgia on the list and I had no […]

over seas


We landed in Amsterdam. We got off the plane and got our laugage. Then we hired two cars.  Opa and dad drove because they were the  only ones that new how to drive on the different side of the car. It was around about 7:00pm when we arrived at our farm house. And it was […]

over seas


This post is about my holiday overseas. I will take you with me on my holiday while I tell you about it. I hope you enjoy the post I put on for you. On the last day of school (in Australia) Mum, Dad and Ashleigh (she didn’t go to school that week because she jawed a muscle […]



NEW SCHOOL YEAR! On the 30th January, the new school year started for all the students in Leopold Primary School. My family has a new member going to Leopold Primary. She has already spent three days at Leopold and she is enjoying her life at Leopold. My across the road neighbour is starting at Leopold […]

Indented Head Caravan Park


  This post is about  DAY 1 On Boxing day we left to go camping at the beach in Indented Heads. We stayed there for a week we left on New Years Day. Anyway let go back to Boxing Day. At 11:00am dad went before us with the trailer. Then we left we a few minutes […]

Ice Skating and Etihad Stadium


Ice Skating and  Etihad Stadium Tour On the (15/11/12) 4KM and 4KJ went on a bus trip to go ice skating and a tour of Etihad Stadium. When we arrived at ice skating the staff there  explained a bit about ice skating and were suppose to give 4KM and 4KJ  a lesson on how to ice […]

Geelong Cup


Geelong Cup Today is the Geelong Cup. The Geelong Cup is a horse race. Everyone that lives in Geelong gets a day off. When it is Melbourne Cup, the people in Melbourne get a day off. The Melbourne Cup is more popular than the Geelong Cup because Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria. The […]

Luna Park


On the hoildays I went to School Hoilday Program, we are going on a bus trip to Luna Park with the School Holiday program. Grade Prep,One,Two and Three had to go to IMAX  to see this Ficton movie about under the see. And the older people (Four, Fix, Six)  got to got to Luna Park.Before […]

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