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Hi I’m Maddy and I’m in 4KM at Leopold Primary School

I was born at St John of God Hospital in Geelong on January 16th, 2003. I am the oldest of 3 girls and live happily with my Mum, Dad and 2 sisters. I also have a cat at home and her name is Maxi. She is 15 years old, which is very old for a cat. Speaking of Cats, I am a very big supporter of the Geelong Cats in the AFL. My favourite player is Steve Johnson. My dad takes me and my sister, Ash, to all the games at Geelong and if we are good he takes us to the games at the MCG.

My Dad is the boss of a Airconditioning Shop in Geelong. He sells Airconditioners & Heaters to people so they can keep there houses warm in winter & cool in summer. My Mum is a Building Surveyor at the City of Greater Geelong. She makes sure houses are built properly so they don’t fall down. Ash, my middle sister, is in Grade 2 at Leopold Primary and Charlotte, my youngest sister is in Kinder and will be starting school next year.

I play a few sports at the moment. I do Karate on a Thursday night and also play Netball for the Leopold Roar on a Friday night at Kardinia Park. I have also done Auskick at Leopold Football Club and I am really starting to enjoy skating at the skate park. Sometimes I see some friends from school when I am at the skate park with my Dad.

At school I really enjoy writing naratives and week-end writing’s. I am working hard at getting better with Maths and Dad is helping me with trying to make me answer all number questions. Like when we at the Supermarket I have to try and work out the cost of items and how much it will cost if we buy 2 or more of the same thing.

Next year I am going to be going oversea’s with my whole family, including my grand parents, uncle’s, auntie’s and cousin’s. We are going to London, Holland, Scotland, Italy & France. London & Holland is a trip with my grandparents etc as my Opa was born in Holland and he wants to show me where he was from. After Holland, my Mum, Dad & sisters are going by ouselves to Scotland, Italy & France. The most exciting part is that we are going to Disneyland when we are in Paris.


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“All about me”

  1. August 20th, 2012 at 7:26 am      Reply Libby Says:

    @ Maddy,
    What a wonderful introduction. I like how you put lots put information on your blog, but not too much.
    It should be fun going to Holland, Scotland, Italy and France. Going to Disneyland should be so much fun.

    See you later,
    Libstar :mrgreen:

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