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A weekend Away


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This weekend my parents had to go to Perth for a friends 40th, my sister Ash stayed a my grandmas in Leopold for the weekend, while my youngest sister stayed at home with my aunt, in Leopold. As for me I was driven all the way up to Point Lonsdale to stay with my other grandparents.

I had a great time with helping out with my grandma at the local OP Shop in Queenscliff, as I got to work with the money and everyone was nice and helpful if i got the change wrong. My grandma let me go across the road and get an ice-cream after all my hard work. I decided that i would get Cookies and Cream with a chocolate and sprinkles waffle cone.

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Then after a lovely meal and off to bed the next day I woke up with a burst of energy. Today I was going to meet up with a bunch of friends and we were going to go to the movies to see the Intern. I waited patiently for the time to come were we were in the car to pick up Ruby (my best friend).

It was a very awkward car ride but we finally arrived at Village Cinemas, Ruby and I walked up to Macca’s and there waiting for us is Kye, and Ethan. Next to arrive was Seb. We all thought that was all of us but then out of nowhere Finn turned up. We all headed inside and ordered out fatty but yummy meals.

We all sat down after we paid, and enjoyed a lovely meal together until……

Kye started throwing chips at everyone, his mother came up to see what all the nonsense was about, she told kye off, but like that helped. We had enough so we all started walking to the cinemas, all of us regretting inviting kye.

Before the movie started we almost got kicked out, for two reasons I’ll let you guess

If you guessed Kye you are right. First reason being really loud and disturbing everyone else who came to enjoy a movie. And 2 of course throwing popcorn around. But finally the movie started and it was amazing.

 It was funny and emotional, I was really having a fun time despite having to sit next to kye, and in the middle of the movie he did the most despicable thing of the day, pouring all his popcorn on top of my head which went down my top and pants.

The movie was finished and we all exited the cinemas, we said good bye and we all went our different ways. I came home with ruby and her mum and sister, it was a better ride than the ride on the way as they were teasing ruby.

I got back to my grandmas house packed my stuff, had the last dinner together we watched the block which they did not enjoy, and then dad came to pick me up a 9. I was so happy to see him, I missed him so much.

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