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We landed in Amsterdam. We got off the plane and got our laugage. Then we hired two cars.  Opa and dad drove because they were the  only ones that new how to drive on the different side of the car. It was around about 7:00pm when we arrived at our farm house. And it was really cold so we found the owner and he showed us to our house. We were down stairs and Marcus and Jenny’s family were upstairs and Maz and Opa were around the back of the farm in a different house.  Mum loved all the timber around the house she thought it looked beautiful. After we had some dinner and washed the dishes we went to bed. Ash and I were it the same room together and Mum and Charlotte shared a room together and dad had a room to himself because of the snoring he makes when he fast asleep.

the next morning we woke up and had breakfast. Then we went outside to see the cows. They were huge and there were some baby ones and there was a baby cow that was born the day we arrrived her name was Lara after this girl who was staying there. She was very nice we became friends. She was English and I really liked her acent and she thought my acsent was cool as well.  Anyway there was also a dog on the farm and he loved playing fetch with everyone. We found that there were bike we could ride so I found one the perfect size and Lara took me to the supermarket and back. It wasn’t that far away.

We also found out that there was a playroom on top of our house so we went to go and check it out. It was pretty cool it had a ping pong table and everything. We had a couple of games of ping pong. Lara told us that she was leaving before us so we decided that we were going to have a party up there in the playroom to say good bye.

In the afternoon we went to a town called Delft. It was a little town but it had a lot of shops. We had a look and got a few things that was really cool. Some of the things that I brought were little glass clogs for some of my friends. I  got a bracelet and a couple of other things. After a couple of hours later we went to a little cafe and us kids had some little pancakes with cream. They were the best things I’ve tasted in a long time. When it was time to go Opa led the way home because we didn’t know where to go. Then Opa stopped at the side of the road and we had to keep going so we did and we made the wrong turn and Maz and Opa had to got the right way and they were so worried that they didn’t know if we were going to get back to the farm.  A minute later we zoomed past them they were shocked.When we got back to the farm we started riding our bikes again which was fun. Then we had dinner and went to bed.

The next day we got up and had breakfast like every other morning. When I was riding my bike around the farm I decided that I would ride over to see if Opa and Maz were awake. And they were so I knocked on the door and they let me in. They asked if I wanted to come to the shops with them and by some Dutch yogurt then I can come over tonight and have some with them.

Today we were going to the cheese market to see them make cheese. So after Maz and Opa can back from the shops we headed off to the cheese market. We walked there because it wasn’t that far away. On the way to the market we saw some kids playing music to raise money for there school. When we arrived we saw the men carrying the cheese and they said it weighed a lot. Two of the men would have this thing were you put the cheese and then lift it up and carry it to the boat and the men in the boat would row the cheese to cheese shops.  One of the men came over to us and asked if we wanted to hold the cheese mum asked  if we could a photo with the cheese and him.



Sunset over Amsterdam (Frontpage)


Once the men were finished we went and got coffee and cake. I got some souvenirs it was a little model of the men carrying  the cheese and a tulip. Then we looked around the rest of the market. We saw a street organ and we thought that was pretty cool. We looked  around but there wasn’t much else to see. So we went home.

The next morning we did what we did every other morning. I went to say good morning to Maz and Opa again. I had to get up early because I decided to go to this flower factory with Opa, Renee, Jenny and dad. Dad didn’t really want to go but I did so he took me. So at 10:00 we arrived, we went into the factory and we got to see all the flowers and all the different colours of the flowers petals.

Dad didn’t think I liked it but I enjoyed it. After we were finished we got something to drink. Opa bought Renee and I  each a tulip pen which was very fragile. We went back to the farm and had a very nice picnic together  outside. I enjoyed it because I got to see Opa and Marcus ride a bike.

We all woke up early the next morning because we had a busy day ahead of us. Our plans for today were going to this flower place were heaps of flowers were on display. Then we were going to this place were there were heaps of windmills. We left the farms at 11:00 we arrived at the flower show at 11:30, we down near the fountain and had our rolls that we packed for lunch. Then we went a looked at all the flowers they were very pretty.

After we finished looking at all the flowers we went to see the windmills. One of the windmill we went up it and we could see how the windmill works and what it’s making I thought it was some kind of concrete. When we got to the top we went outside and saw a really good view.  When we got down from the windmill we went inside some old fashioned, houses then we left.

Happy Sunday to all Friends !
Happy Sunday to all Friends !

Netherlands-4721B – Ground Sail Windmills
Netherlands-4721B - Ground Sail Windmills

We had to wake up early again because we had another busy day. Today we were going to Amsterdam. Opa  lead the way because Opa grew up here and Dad didn’t know where he was going. We went shopping in Amsterdam and we saw a lot of bikes riding on the footpath. Some things I got for my friend and some things I got for myself. One of the things I got for myself were a pair of finger less gloves that has an Amsterdam written on them.

The next day we packed our bags and headed for the airport. We hoped on the plane and headed to Scotland. Scotland here we come.


 Have you ever been to Holland?

Do you like bike riding?

Can you speak any other language?

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