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Ice Skating and Etihad Stadium


Ice Skating and  Etihad Stadium Tour

On the (15/11/12) 4KM and 4KJ went on a bus trip to go ice skating and a tour of Etihad Stadium.

When we arrived at ice skating the staff there  explained a bit about ice skating and were suppose to give 4KM and 4KJ  a lesson on how to ice skate, but unfortunately due to an accident on the WestGate Bridge- we were delayed over an hour and missed out.

As we did not have a lesson, the kids kept falling over and hurting themselves. One boy even sliced his thumb but was very brave and didn’t shed a tear and even managed to come to school the next day. Good on you- Kayden

A lot of people had never ice skated before, so lucky there were three staff that  held our hands to help us keep our balance. Those who did not have the benefit of a staff member for balance, used the side rails instead.

There were of course those few who showed talent and did not need any help at all.


Image: ‘Bokeh skates
Bokeh skates

Image: ‘How???

Image: ‘Tilt Shift: Rockefeller Center
Tilt Shift: Rockefeller Center





Image: ‘DSCN3948

Image: ‘\I^

mage: ‘Etihad Stadium – Saints vs Tigers
Etihad Stadium - Saints vs Tigers


Once everyone finished skating, we sat next to a big dinosaur across the road to eat our snack.  This gave us energy to walk to Etihad Stadium, where a tour was planned. Even so, everyone was tired when we arrived. We were introduced to our tour guides and their names were John, Mani, John and Dev. 4KM’s’ leader was John.

We got to go to see most areas but missed out on some places because we arrived so late. To make up for this, they took us to  places that they don’t normally allow the tours to go, which was a bit exciting. We got to go to the Legends Bar, the coaches box, the media box, the commentators box, the corporate boxes, corporate seats and VIP areas.

So the accident on the West Gate Bridge might of made us miss out on the usual activities and tours but meant we got to see areas of Etidhad that people don’t normally see, so we felt a bit special.

Our guide John, took us out onto the players interchange bench (out on the ground),  where we did a  little experiment.

We sat on the bench and John, told us to scream out the word ‘Etihad’ all together.  We did, and it echoed around the whole stadiam. It was amazing!

Thank you for the idea 4KM and 4KJ



What sort of accidents have you  had while ice skating or   doing any other sport?

Would you like to visit Etihad Stadium and   what would you want to see?

What other stadiums around the world have been to?

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“Ice Skating and Etihad Stadium”

  1. November 21st, 2012 at 10:33 pm      Reply Mrs Kathleen Morris Says:

    Dear Maddy,

    This is a great post about our excursion. I was very impressed that everyone showed patience and resilience after we were delayed.

    I do enjoy ice skating although I haven’t done it for a very long time.

    It was my first time at Etihad Stadium but I really enjoyed our tour.

    Do you the think the grade fours next year would enjoy this excursion?

    Your teacher,
    Mrs Morris

    • December 3rd, 2012 at 3:18 am      Reply Maddy Says:

      Dear Mrs Morris,
      Thank you for always commenting on my blog. I’m sorry that it took a long time for me reply to you I’m just really busy and I know you are supposed to put a new post on every week but like I said I was really busy. But at least I put a new post one that what really counts. I only did a great post about the excursion because it was a great excursion. Even though I wasn’t able to go ice skating because I fractured my shoulder blade the weekend before. Everyone was really good when we got delayed because no one was complaining and it was good that they weren’t because what if the people in the car accident was hurt.

      Ice skating does look like fun but it is harder than it looks. I have never been ice skating before and because I missed out dad might take me for my birthday. I bet you haven’t been for a long time. It wasn’t my first time at Etihad Stadiam because my dad takes me to a lot of football games.

      From Maddy

  2. November 27th, 2012 at 11:46 pm      Reply Becky Says:

    Dear Maddy,

    I went to the ice skating excursion.I wasn’t very good at it but I really enjoyed it. I am going to go there in the holidays.

    I go roller blading every day because I love it and it keeps me entertained.

    From your friend Becky.

    • December 6th, 2012 at 8:29 pm      Reply Maddy Says:

      Dear Becky,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. Lots of people went to the ice skating excirsion and one of those people was me. Lots of people weren’t good at it but at least you had a try and you had fun that is the most important part. It is good that you are going there on the holidays I bet you will have loads of fum just like you did with the class. Rollerblading is really fun that is why I asked Santa if I could Roller Blades for Christmas. It would be very entertaining and it sounds like fun.
      From your friend Maddy

  3. December 6th, 2012 at 7:59 am      Reply Liv Says:

    Dear Maddy,

    What a great post about the excursion! You used so much descriptive language, it was good.

    I really enjoyed the Ice Skating and tour of Etihad Stadium. I loved the coaches box, level 2 with the mini tv screens and the interchange bench.

    Luckily, at ice skating, I didn’t fall over once and hurt myself. Look, just because I didn’t fall over that doesn’t mean I’m fully coordinated at ice skating…

    You know, great question! I’m a very lucky girl, because as I said before, I didn’t fall over at ice skating. And with my tennis, or any other sport I’ve played, I haven’t had any serious injuries. I have had sore calf muscles from rock climbing, but that wasn’t all so bad. I just don’t ever want to tear a muscle!

    Great post!

    – Liv

    • December 6th, 2012 at 9:10 pm      Reply Maddy Says:

      Dear Liv,
      Thank you for commenting on the blog. Thank you for saying that my post that I did was great. I put a lot of effort into my posts this post I made with my mum. I thought what to write then she corrected me. Mum said I should never ask dad to ckeck my work because he leaves mistakes behind. Thank you I like using discriptive laugage my mum likes using that kind of laugage as well so I got that off her. I enjoyed that ice skating and the tour of Etihad stadium as well. I enjoyed every part of that excirsion that is why I made a post about it. Like I said in my post I felt special going in all the special areas. Most people did fall over but you were one of the lucky ones that didn’t fall over I wasn’t able to do ice skating because I fractered my shoulder blade and if I fell over on the ice (which I probally would of) I could of hurt my shoulder badly. Some people are just lucky and don’t fall over. I have never played tennis before but it sounds like fun, I play netball at Life Be In It and Kadina Park.

      From Maddy :mrgreen: 😯 😈

  4. December 10th, 2012 at 3:17 am      Reply Libby Says:

    Dear Maddy,
    What a great post you are such a great blogger, you are one of my inspirational people I have in mind

    Nice post 😉
    See you later,
    libstar 😈

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