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Geelong Cup


Geelong Cup

Today is the Geelong Cup. The Geelong Cup is a horse race. Everyone that lives in Geelong gets a day off.

When it is Melbourne Cup, the people in Melbourne get a day off. The Melbourne Cup is more popular than the Geelong Cup because Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria. The Melbourne Cup is on November the 6th 2012.

Today Leopold Primary School gets a day off to celebrate the Geelong Cup. It is very expensive to go to the Geelong or Melbourne Cup.

The Geelong cup is mostly for adults but it sounds like lots of kids in 4KM are interested. Emily from 4KM told me that their parents might be taking them to the Geelong Cup. I hope that everyone that goes to the Geelong or Melbourne Cup will have a great day.

 Geelong Show

The Geelong Show is held before the Geelong Cup. The Geelong show has lots of rides, show bags, animals and games to win things.

There is lots of things you can to do at the Geelong Show. The Geelong Show was on From October 18-21

On Friday night the staff at the Geelong Show put on fireworks for the adience to watch. I didn’t get to see the fireworks on Friday night because I was busy.

On Saturday I had to clean the whole house because it was really messy. My Dad said if we do a good job we might go to the Geelong Show on Sunday (The 21st.) We got to go to the show on Sunday and it was really fun!

Here are some photos from flickrCC of horses racing. (Not from the Geelong Show)


Image: ‘Horse racing! (2)

Image: ‘Lexington Kentucky – Keeneland Race Track “Ready+to+run”

Image: ‘Lexington Kentucky – Keeneland Race Track “I+want+some+hay+for+that+photo”

Image: ‘The winner is….

Here are some more photos from flickrCC but from the Geelong Show


Image: ‘Say AHHHH :-O

Image: ‘Giant Flying Octopus Flingy Thingy

Image: ‘cotton candy cupcakes


Do you like horses?

Did you go to the Geelong Cup?

Have you ever rode a horse?

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“Geelong Cup”

  1. October 24th, 2012 at 11:22 pm      Reply Emily Says:

    Dear Maddy,

    Your post is very good! You’re right I did go to the cup and it was very fun.

    The horse the won was number 4 and I think his name was Gatewood.

    In one of the races the jockey fell of the horse. My sister was betting on that horse to win.


  2. October 25th, 2012 at 4:20 am      Reply Bronte Says:

    Dear Maddy,

    I was just working on a post about the Geelong Cup, but I guess you beat me to it! 🙂

    Of course I’ve ridden a horse before, I have my own pony!
    I didn’t go to the Geelong Cup, I don’t know why. It’s something that my mum, dad and I would be very interested in.

    I love those photos!
    The first photo of the horse and its jocky looked cool, I thought the horse was going to rear up at first if you look at the legs.

    A beautiful chestnut mare I see! My friend Iesha would LOVE that photo. And you don’t want to know how I found out it was a mare. 😯

    I have a friend that has a pony called Ruby that looks JUST like that.

    I can see Down, Town, Swang in there. Down Town Swang is a race that’s not that fabulous, but looks like a model!

    Oh, ooohhh, times up!

    Your friend,
    Bronte 😛

    • October 29th, 2012 at 3:26 am      Reply Maddy Says:

      Dear Bronte,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. You are a great blogger but that is why you got your own blog. You have your own blog and you normally the first one to comment on the blog if there is a new post on the blog. And if you get time you leave a comment on other students blogs and if you don’t have time you do it later or you do it the next day. You must of listened when Mrs Morris told 4KM and 4KJ that if you comment on another students blog they will comment on your blog and if you don’t have blog reply to you and you will reply to them and that will make Mrs Morris or Miss Jordan happy and say that you have earnt your blog but I’m not talking to you because you have already done those things and earnt your own blog.

      Getting your own blog your own blog is an amazing feeling. You are so surprised and happy you just want to jump around but you can’t because you are in the classroom. I was so happy when Mrs Morris said that I got (earnt) my own blog and I was so happy that two of my best friends got their own blogs with me. Libby and Lilli were amazed as well. I knew that Maha and all the other blogger would make my blog successful and I was so happy. I was grateful that Skye helped me on my first lesson

  3. December 3rd, 2012 at 3:12 am      Reply Laura Says:

    Dear Maddy,

    Guess what!?
    Horses are my absolute favourite animals!!!
    But unfortunately I’ve never rode a horse or a pony, nor do I have my own. Even though I don’t have my own pony or horse, I really, really would love to have my very own pony even if my parents say that it will be very hard work. Once when I was having my dinner,
    I told my parents that I would try to do my routine VERY quickly then I would feed the pony, groom it and turn it out into the paddock to graze then I would clean the stall then go to school.

    From your blogging pal,
    L@ura :mrgreen:

    • December 6th, 2012 at 8:46 pm      Reply Maddy Says:

      Dear Laura,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. Horses are a very popurlar animal lots of people love them. Both of my sisters love horses their names are Ashleigh and Charlotte. Last year dad took all three of us pony riding and then for my bithday this year he took me horse riding and it was fun because the horses got to canter and would jump up and down on the saddle. You should ask your mum or dad if they can take you horse riding it is really fun and sometimes if your lucky you get to feed the houses or the ponies after you have finished your ride with them. My family doesn’t have a horse or a pony ethier so thats why sdad takes us horse riding. Dad said when we build our new house we will be able to own animals such as:
      and much more. It is good that even though you don’t have one you want one but you don’t beg your parents or they will keep on saying no.But like you said taking care of a horse is hard work butif that won’t stop you and if you do lots of things around the house your mum and dad might say Laura has been really good so I think we should think about getting her, her own horse. Parents always say that you have to learn how to look after you belongings and if you get a horse one day you have to learn how to look after it. There is only one reason I do not want to get an animal that is because when it does a poo I would havbe to pick it up and I would never want to do that, that is why we have a cat she doesn’t poo at all.

      From Maaddy

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