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A weekend Away


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This weekend my parents had to go to Perth for a friends 40th, my sister Ash stayed a my grandmas in Leopold for the weekend, while my youngest sister stayed at home with my aunt, in Leopold. As for me I was driven all the way up to Point Lonsdale to stay with my other grandparents.

I had a great time with helping out with my grandma at the local OP Shop in Queenscliff, as I got to work with the money and everyone was nice and helpful if i got the change wrong. My grandma let me go across the road and get an ice-cream after all my hard work. I decided that i would get Cookies and Cream with a chocolate and sprinkles waffle cone.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.55.32 am


Then after a lovely meal and off to bed the next day I woke up with a burst of energy. Today I was going to meet up with a bunch of friends and we were going to go to the movies to see the Intern. I waited patiently for the time to come were we were in the car to pick up Ruby (my best friend).

It was a very awkward car ride but we finally arrived at Village Cinemas, Ruby and I walked up to Macca’s and there waiting for us is Kye, and Ethan. Next to arrive was Seb. We all thought that was all of us but then out of nowhere Finn turned up. We all headed inside and ordered out fatty but yummy meals.

We all sat down after we paid, and enjoyed a lovely meal together until……

Kye started throwing chips at everyone, his mother came up to see what all the nonsense was about, she told kye off, but like that helped. We had enough so we all started walking to the cinemas, all of us regretting inviting kye.

Before the movie started we almost got kicked out, for two reasons I’ll let you guess

If you guessed Kye you are right. First reason being really loud and disturbing everyone else who came to enjoy a movie. And 2 of course throwing popcorn around. But finally the movie started and it was amazing.

 It was funny and emotional, I was really having a fun time despite having to sit next to kye, and in the middle of the movie he did the most despicable thing of the day, pouring all his popcorn on top of my head which went down my top and pants.

The movie was finished and we all exited the cinemas, we said good bye and we all went our different ways. I came home with ruby and her mum and sister, it was a better ride than the ride on the way as they were teasing ruby.

I got back to my grandmas house packed my stuff, had the last dinner together we watched the block which they did not enjoy, and then dad came to pick me up a 9. I was so happy to see him, I missed him so much.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.18.03 am


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High School



It is the year 2015, and I have sadly left Leopold Primary School and am now attending Saint Ignatius College. i am currently in Year 7, and my teacher is Mr Freeman, he teaches us Maths, Physical Education (PE), Health, and Personal Learning (PL).

It is now term three, the first semester the specialist I had were Music, which I learnt to play the Alto Saxophone, Metals and Plastic, which I made a plastic photo frame, and a metal plant hanger, and drama, were we learnt all these new techniques and moves, as well as watching some Mr. Bean videos.


Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 2.37.33 pm  Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 2.47.00 pm    Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 6.06.43 pm

9351534204                         8286859911                           4696750238


This semester I have 3 new specialists, these are: Textiles, where I learn how to sew on a sewing machine and we are going to make an apron, Art, where we learn different is painting and drawing techniques, and Food Tech, where we get to learn how to cook different meals, like muffins and nachos.


Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 2.42.39 pm  Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.23.50 pm  Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.50.57 am

3731707531               6215149844               17065409740


In high school I have a lot of different teachers. Some my teachers for this semester are:

Mrs Horbowsky – (Textiles)
Mr Freeman – (Homeroom, PE, Maths, Health)
Mrs Carlon – (English, RE)
Bu Allan –  (Humanities)
Mr Melli – (Italian)
Mrs Snookes – (Science)
Mrs Pennings – (Art)
Miss Stephenson –  (IT)
Miss Hawkins – (Food Technology)
That is my year in High School so far. See you soon.

Are you in High School?

What year level are you?

What school do you go to?


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country of the world


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This term we are learning about countries all around the world. Everybody got to pick a country they wanted to learn more about. Firstly I wanted to learn more about Italy because half of my family were Italian, but someone else got Italy instead. Then I saw Georgia on the list and I had no idea what was Georgia.

As the term went on I learned more and more about Georgia. Some of the main things I learnt about Georgia were:

Georgia is located in Asia

The money system in Georgia is called Lari

The language spoken in Georgia is called Georgian

It holds a lot of festivals

some of the projects I had to do on my country Georgia were, an Information report which was really fun and I learned lots. I also had to find an national recipe from Georgia and make it and present it to the other Grade six student and parents, grandparents and aunties and uncles. my recipe that I choose from Georgia was called an Ossetian Meat Pie. It went so well both of my pies went at the end of the day.

So that is what I learnt in Term three for 2014.


this is the Georgian flag after the country declared its independence.




this is the Ossetian Meat Pie that I made, but my one was a bit better.


Have you ever heard of Georgia?

                  If you have, have you ever been?

                         Would you eat my Pie?

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over seas


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We landed in Amsterdam. We got off the plane and got our laugage. Then we hired two cars.  Opa and dad drove because they were the  only ones that new how to drive on the different side of the car. It was around about 7:00pm when we arrived at our farm house. And it was really cold so we found the owner and he showed us to our house. We were down stairs and Marcus and Jenny’s family were upstairs and Maz and Opa were around the back of the farm in a different house.  Mum loved all the timber around the house she thought it looked beautiful. After we had some dinner and washed the dishes we went to bed. Ash and I were it the same room together and Mum and Charlotte shared a room together and dad had a room to himself because of the snoring he makes when he fast asleep.

the next morning we woke up and had breakfast. Then we went outside to see the cows. They were huge and there were some baby ones and there was a baby cow that was born the day we arrrived her name was Lara after this girl who was staying there. She was very nice we became friends. She was English and I really liked her acent and she thought my acsent was cool as well.  Anyway there was also a dog on the farm and he loved playing fetch with everyone. We found that there were bike we could ride so I found one the perfect size and Lara took me to the supermarket and back. It wasn’t that far away.

We also found out that there was a playroom on top of our house so we went to go and check it out. It was pretty cool it had a ping pong table and everything. We had a couple of games of ping pong. Lara told us that she was leaving before us so we decided that we were going to have a party up there in the playroom to say good bye.

In the afternoon we went to a town called Delft. It was a little town but it had a lot of shops. We had a look and got a few things that was really cool. Some of the things that I brought were little glass clogs for some of my friends. I  got a bracelet and a couple of other things. After a couple of hours later we went to a little cafe and us kids had some little pancakes with cream. They were the best things I’ve tasted in a long time. When it was time to go Opa led the way home because we didn’t know where to go. Then Opa stopped at the side of the road and we had to keep going so we did and we made the wrong turn and Maz and Opa had to got the right way and they were so worried that they didn’t know if we were going to get back to the farm.  A minute later we zoomed past them they were shocked.When we got back to the farm we started riding our bikes again which was fun. Then we had dinner and went to bed.

The next day we got up and had breakfast like every other morning. When I was riding my bike around the farm I decided that I would ride over to see if Opa and Maz were awake. And they were so I knocked on the door and they let me in. They asked if I wanted to come to the shops with them and by some Dutch yogurt then I can come over tonight and have some with them.

Today we were going to the cheese market to see them make cheese. So after Maz and Opa can back from the shops we headed off to the cheese market. We walked there because it wasn’t that far away. On the way to the market we saw some kids playing music to raise money for there school. When we arrived we saw the men carrying the cheese and they said it weighed a lot. Two of the men would have this thing were you put the cheese and then lift it up and carry it to the boat and the men in the boat would row the cheese to cheese shops.  One of the men came over to us and asked if we wanted to hold the cheese mum asked  if we could a photo with the cheese and him.



Sunset over Amsterdam (Frontpage)


Once the men were finished we went and got coffee and cake. I got some souvenirs it was a little model of the men carrying  the cheese and a tulip. Then we looked around the rest of the market. We saw a street organ and we thought that was pretty cool. We looked  around but there wasn’t much else to see. So we went home.

The next morning we did what we did every other morning. I went to say good morning to Maz and Opa again. I had to get up early because I decided to go to this flower factory with Opa, Renee, Jenny and dad. Dad didn’t really want to go but I did so he took me. So at 10:00 we arrived, we went into the factory and we got to see all the flowers and all the different colours of the flowers petals.

Dad didn’t think I liked it but I enjoyed it. After we were finished we got something to drink. Opa bought Renee and I  each a tulip pen which was very fragile. We went back to the farm and had a very nice picnic together  outside. I enjoyed it because I got to see Opa and Marcus ride a bike.

We all woke up early the next morning because we had a busy day ahead of us. Our plans for today were going to this flower place were heaps of flowers were on display. Then we were going to this place were there were heaps of windmills. We left the farms at 11:00 we arrived at the flower show at 11:30, we down near the fountain and had our rolls that we packed for lunch. Then we went a looked at all the flowers they were very pretty.

After we finished looking at all the flowers we went to see the windmills. One of the windmill we went up it and we could see how the windmill works and what it’s making I thought it was some kind of concrete. When we got to the top we went outside and saw a really good view.  When we got down from the windmill we went inside some old fashioned, houses then we left.

Happy Sunday to all Friends !
Happy Sunday to all Friends !

Netherlands-4721B – Ground Sail Windmills
Netherlands-4721B - Ground Sail Windmills

We had to wake up early again because we had another busy day. Today we were going to Amsterdam. Opa  lead the way because Opa grew up here and Dad didn’t know where he was going. We went shopping in Amsterdam and we saw a lot of bikes riding on the footpath. Some things I got for my friend and some things I got for myself. One of the things I got for myself were a pair of finger less gloves that has an Amsterdam written on them.

The next day we packed our bags and headed for the airport. We hoped on the plane and headed to Scotland. Scotland here we come.


 Have you ever been to Holland?

Do you like bike riding?

Can you speak any other language?

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over seas


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This post is about my holiday overseas. I will take you with me on my holiday while I tell you about it. I hope you enjoy the post I put on for you.

On the last day of school (in Australia) Mum, Dad and Ashleigh (she didn’t go to school that week because she jawed a muscle in her neck) picked Charlotte and I from school and took us home. We had a lot of things to do, so luckily school finished school at 2:30.

After we all had a shower and got dressed we all packed our suit case. What we had to pack was

  1. four pairs of jumpers
  2. three pairs of tracksuit pants
  3.  five pairs of t-shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve)
  4. one pair of a long sleeve pretty dress
  5. one pair of stockings
  6. two pairs of snickers
  7. one pair of slip-on shoes
  8. one pair of pretty shoes
  9. one pair of coloured jeans (blue)
  10. one pair of coloured jeans (red)
  11. one pair of coloured jeans (white)
  12. on pair of Dutch sleepers
  13. a travel journal
  14. a E-reader (like a I pad that you can only read books)

After I finished packing my suit case my over filled so I had to sit on the lid. Dianna arrived around about 4:00. She was there because when we arrive at the bus station she will take mum’s car back home so she doesn’t have to leave it at the bus station for a month. Anyway she helped mum clean the house (she wanted the house clean so she didn’t have to come home to a dirty house.  Anyway at 4:30 we put all our things in the boot of the car and left.

As soon as we arrived at the bus station the bus arrived, he stayed at the station for twenty minutes so in case anyone else was late.  First he put the entire luggage into the trailer at the back of the bus. This bus was for only passengers that want to go to differnt parts of the airport. We all said goodbye to Dianne, Linda and Sam (we met Linda and Sam at the bus stop.) Finally the bus left and dad was surprised that the bus was going so fast and taking sharp turns. It took an hour and 1-2 hours to get to the airport.

When we arrived at the airport we noticed that there was barely anyone there, we thought (because the bus went so fast) that we arrived a bit early there was no flight for about a couple more hours. So what we decided that we would find somewhere for dinner. We found a place near the check in so that we could go and check in straight after we eat our dinner. What I ordered for dinner was chicken strips and salad and chips.


Image: ‘Kuwait Airways Flying Away
Kuwait Airways Flying Away

Image: ‘The Party Is Over
The Party Is Over

Image: ‘Back to Basics:
Back to Basics:


After we finished our dinner dad got a call from my grandmother, she said that they had already checked in, so we quickly payed then left. We met the rest 0f the family that was coming on some of the trip with us. (The people that were coming with us on the trip are: grandma maz grandpa opa Uncle Marcus his wife jenny and my two step cousins Emma and Renee) They all waited while we checked in.

We decided that we all should have a coffee together because we were not allowed to check out passports and everything until ten. While we were heading towards the coffee shop we bumped into someone it was untie kater. She had come and say goodbye to us all. Opa invited her to come but she was too busy. Anyway while the grown-ups were having a coffee and talking us kids just talked on our parents phones.

After they all finished their coffee we said goodbye and headed off. We all went and got our passports checked. They only had to check the kids so they know that both of their parents are allowing their children to go overseas. When we got there we saw a huge group of people and then the guy told us that the computers weren’t working so we had to wait with all those people until the policeman called your name. So we waited and do know what the people that didn’t have children got to walk right past and didn’t have to wait.

Finally the policeman called our names we headed towards the front of the group we gave him our passports and then he went into another room to check it then he came back and it was all fine. He gave us our passports and we left. Dad and mum found a bourbon shop and they went inside. Dad brought a bag of Wild Turkeys and mum brought two Baileys. They brought them bourbon to the counter the shop keeper said that they weren’t allowed to take it on the plane to go to overseas. Then he said we will keep it at the shop and when we arrive back in Australia we can come and take it.

Then it was nearly 11:00 so we headed for the plane. We sat down waiting for them to clean the plane so we go in a neat plane. Then the people came and said that the plane was now clean. Then she said that people that have children five and under can go on the plane first so that they don’t get squished by all the grown-ups. So thank you charlotte because she is turning six when we come back to Australia. So we got onto the plane first. Because it is going to be an 11 hour plane ride we got to watch movies because there were DVD players in the seat in front of us. But the DVD players didn’t turn on until the plane took off into the sky.

At 11:30 the people that work on the plane came around to all the passengers and gave them dinner I was thinking that why would they give us dinner at 11:30. After I ate my dinner I gave it to the ladies and then I tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t the seat was too small and I had a person one each side of me so I couldn’t put my legs up. So I only had 1 hour sleep. I woke up at 8:30 and none of my family was a wake yet so I just watched movies than I woke dad up because breakfast was coming. What they had planned for breakfast was bacon and eggs with baked beans. I didn’t have the baked beans because I hate baked beans.

A couple of hours  later we landed in Abu Darbi. We got off the plane and went into the airport. We all split up and looked around the airport. On our way we saw some magnets and thought about getting Linda a magnet but dad said no it would be a waste of money so we kept walking. We found a row of seats and we sat down because we would be in Abu Darbi for a couple of hours. The first thing I tried doing was writing in my diary that I’m taking with me through the whole trip, but then I got bored and went on my DS.

We were expected to say in Abu Darbi. So I sat down anwe waited for them to clean the plane. Anyway they were finished cleaning the plane so we hopPde on the plane again first then we sat down ready to take off. When everyone was on the plane and sitting down we toke off and the movie players started planing and they pretty had the same movies as the first plane so I watched the same movies for another seven hours. On this trip we got gifts from the people that work on the plane. The gift that we all got was a stuffed animal and a sponge bob bag. I hate sponge bob so I gave my stuffed sponge bob to Charlotte but Charlotte didn’t want it either so we all decided that we would give the sponge bob to Nathan, Nathan is our next door neighbour back in Australia. They just moved three months ago. Nathan’s mum Angular had a baby girl named Mia so we can get her a stuffed micky mouse from Paris Disney Land.

After another couple of hours in the plane we finally landed in London. So we got off the plane got our suit cases and then met up with the rest of the family. Then maz said she had a surprise for all of us. So we followed her and then we saw someone it was my auntie Claire. Claire lives in Berlin and her job is a teacher she teaches all the kids English. She herd that we were going on a hoilday and thought that she might come with us because she has holidays. So she is going with us to London and Holland.But when we are in Holland she is leaving a day early because she has to go back and teach all her kids.

Anyway she said that we were going to a catch taxi to were we are staying. But we would have to go in two different taxi’s. So Claire led the way to the taxi driver. When we arrived were the taxi driver was standing he said the other taxi driver wasn’t here yet. So the people that were living in the big apartment had to stay at the airport until the other taxi driver came. The people that were going to stay in the big apartment while we were in London was: Claire, Maz, Opa, Emma, Renee, Marcus and Jenny. But Claire was coming in our taxi because there wouldn’t be enough room in the other taxi.

So we followed the taxi driver to the taxi and put all our suit cases into the boot. Any way we all sat in our seats and took off. It would be an hour drive to the apartment. But we didn’t mine because we would just chat and ask Claire about Berlin. When we got there we got our suit cases out of the taxi and started walking towards the apartment, when we arrived no one was there so dad said that all you girls can go shopping while I will stay here and wait until the man comes and let’s us in. As soon as we were all about to leave he arrived.

He opened the door and showed us to our apartment. It had two doors, if you don’t know what I mean it is when you open the front door and then you walk in the house a bit then there is another door. But the annoying thing is once you opened the second door there were stairs so that was annoying. So he took us up the stairs and on that floor there was the kitchen, the dinning  table and the lounge room. All the rooms were pretty small but this apartment is only meant for two people.

Anyway we were all very tired so we decided that we were going to  go out for dinner the first night. Ash and Charlotte wanted to  play mum and dads so I said I will play and that it was bed time so she put me to  bed and instead of  pretending  to be asleep I actually fell asleep. Then  my dad woke me up an hour later saying its time to go.

So I got up and we walked to the place were we are going to have dinner. We ordered what we wanted and while I was waiting for the meal to come I almost fell asleep. But dad told us that we had to stay up to at least 7:00 because we are jet lagged. Anyway our dinner arrived and we started eating then we had desert then we left and the weird thing was I wasn’t sleepy any more so we watched a movie then went to bed because dad said it was to late.


Day 2

We woke up and had toast. Then I got dressed just saying when we were in London it was winter so it was below 6 degrees. So I put on a a thick coat and beanie and a scarf. Then we went to the other apartment to pick up the  rest of the family. But we met them half way because they were going to meet us. Anyway we started to walk up to the underground train station. We walked down the stairs and went to the rail while dad went and brought us the train tickets. But it was a long line so it took a while.

We got on the train and went to the city. We got off the train and started walking to the Buckingham Palace. On the way to Buckingham Palace we saw a police officer on a horse and the funny thing is he stopped at a red light.  Another thing we saw was a marching band they were all on  horses and it happens every day at 11:00am. Anyway we walked to the fountain and stood on it so we could see the palace. We saw a flag on top of the palace which meant that the queen was in the palace.

Next stop we went to Big Ben. When we arrived at Big Ben we decided to spilt up and look around. We had a look at big ben then we left. We stayed with our uncle, Jenny and my step cousins. We walked to the London Eye. We lined up and there were heaps of people lining up. After 5 hours of lining up we were finally getting in one of the carriages. It didn’t go that fast because it was more than 50 feet high. And if it went fast it would come off and we would be riding around London in a ferris wheel.

We headed back to our apartment and watched tv. When it was 8:00 we went out to dinner again to an Italian restaurant. I had pizza but I don’t think its as good as the Italian’s make it, but it was good. After we all finished eating our desserts we payed then started walking home.

Day 3

The next day it was Easter so maz said we would slit up and do what we want so we could spend time with our family. So we woke up and got dressed. Mum said that we were not going to catch the train today and that we were going to walk. So we started walking, half an hour later we were half way there and mum needed a coffee. We found a coffee shop and went in. Mum and dad got a coffee while us kids got lemon aid and fruit salad. Anyway I accidently knocked dad and he split his coffee on the table. He was angry at me because that was the best coffee he had ever tasted. Dad was so angry that he said it was time to go. We went outside and then one of the waiters came rushing out the cafe and gave dad a free coffee dad felt guilty but he just said thank you because he knew how good the coffee was.

We arrived at the Tower of London we walked up to the very top. Mum toke a lot of pitchers of the water,the boats and the London Bridge. Once we saw everything we made the decision that we would walk the whole way around to the London Bridge. Take some pitchers of the Tower of London and then came back around to the tower of London. So off we went we toke pitchers of things that we saw on the way we also went in some shops and looked around. In one shop Ash got a rubber ball of the world. And in another shop Charlotte got a key ring of the Queens crown. An  in another shop I  got a book of the famous places around london.

Then we arrived at the London Bridge we toke photos of the Tower of London from the London Bridge. When we were finished taking photos we started heading back to the Tower of London. When we arrived back it was lunch time so we found a cafe and went in. We opened the door  the manager greeted us and took us to the table. She seemed at bit bossy we all thought but then the waitress came and gave us our meals. She seemed really nice. We asked if she could take a photo of us eating our meal. After we finished eating we payed and left. We had to go and meet Claire at the boat club.

Claire took us three to a museum that she thought we might like. But when we got there, there was a long line and if we lined up we would miss out on going shopping so we decided to go shopping instead. So when we got there Ash and Charlotte spent there ten dollars straight away but I saved mine to the end. At the end I brought an England scarf  for two dollars and a light up image of London for nine dollars but Claire gave me one dollar.

When we finished shopping we went to the other family that is staying with us apartment and dad came and  picked us up at 5:00. That night we went out for dinner because it was our last night in London. We went to an Italian restaurant.





















On the 30th January, the new school year started for all the students in Leopold Primary School. My family has a new member going to Leopold Primary. She has already spent three days at Leopold and she is enjoying her life at Leopold. My across the road neighbour is starting at Leopold too. He just moved in before the end of last year term 4. He is in grade four this year. I’m in grade five, Ash is in grade three, and Charlotte is in prep. Charlotte is still getting used to spending a full school day without mum and some days she comes to me and has some tear drops out of her eyes.

Here is some things that I like doing and looking forward to in grade 5:

  • learning about Desert Survivors in Integrated Studies
  • our classroom is in the new building
  • Charlotte is close so I can check on her
  • I got lots of friends
  • We get to have buddies
  • We get to go to Soveriegn Hill and stay there till 10:00pm
  • We get new books we can borrow in the Library

In Integrated Studies we are learning about  Desert Survivors. What we did a couple of days ago is write down what we already know about Desert Survivors. Later we will write down what we want to learn about the topic, and then last but not least, we write down what we have learnt at the end of the term and possibly do a project on this subject.

In writing – I’m doing a story called The Never Ending Story. Another story  the class is doing together is to finish off a ‘Monster’ story where the beginning has already been printed. I am still working on this one too. Sounds like I have a lot of things to finish off!  I’m running behind and I feel bad about that.

 Antelope+Canyon     IMG_1491   Alien+canals+on+the+planet+Euphorbia+Pulcherrima  Thank+you+%E2%80%93+Gracias.+A+shop+in+Madrid+HDR



Image: ‘Barker Dam

Image: ‘i ♥ you‘ http://www.flickr.com/photos/36613169@N00/594913302

Image: ‘Araña de Oro / Gold Spider




Do you like school?

Do you have any brothers or sister that go to school?

What grade are you in and who is your teacher?


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Indented Head Caravan Park



This post is about

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 DAY 1 On Boxing day we left to go camping at the beach in Indented Heads. We stayed there for a week we left on New Years Day. Anyway let go back to Boxing Day. At 11:00am dad went before us with the trailer. Then we left we a few minutes after with all the things in the boot. On our way to the beach mum stopped at the shops and us three a new pair of thongs and mum got herself a sun sheilder.When we arrived at the camp site dad was already there and he had got everything out of the trailer. He toke the two tents out of there bags and layed them on the ground. He didn’t start settting the tent up because he was waiting for us to arrive so mum coould help him put them up.

We started with mum and Charlotte’s tent first because there tent was the one with the kitchen in it. When I started to help mum and dad with ash I got bored because all I was doing is holding a pole up while mum and dad were fixing the rest of the tent. After a while I gave up and let go and told Ash to hold both of the poles so she did and I went off to play in the sand with Charlotte. I was playing with Charlotte then it was lunch time and we went back to the tent. The tent was built we just had to put all the things inside and make the beds for the bedroom.

After lunch I helped Dad and Ash make our tent. Because I finished my lunch first before we set up the tent I had to move all the big sticks and the acorns. Our tent didn’t take as long to set up as mum and Charlotte’s tent. Last year Ash and I had the share a room with dad. (the are two rooms in a tent) but this year we got the first room. And dad got the back room. We just finished making the tent and putting all our stuff inside when it was dinner time.

The Ice cream truck comes everynight at 8:00pm.  But he doesn’t come on New Years Night.

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Ice Skating and Etihad Stadium


Ice Skating and  Etihad Stadium Tour

On the (15/11/12) 4KM and 4KJ went on a bus trip to go ice skating and a tour of Etihad Stadium.

When we arrived at ice skating the staff there  explained a bit about ice skating and were suppose to give 4KM and 4KJ  a lesson on how to ice skate, but unfortunately due to an accident on the WestGate Bridge- we were delayed over an hour and missed out.

As we did not have a lesson, the kids kept falling over and hurting themselves. One boy even sliced his thumb but was very brave and didn’t shed a tear and even managed to come to school the next day. Good on you- Kayden

A lot of people had never ice skated before, so lucky there were three staff that  held our hands to help us keep our balance. Those who did not have the benefit of a staff member for balance, used the side rails instead.

There were of course those few who showed talent and did not need any help at all.


Image: ‘Bokeh skates
Bokeh skates

Image: ‘How???

Image: ‘Tilt Shift: Rockefeller Center
Tilt Shift: Rockefeller Center





Image: ‘DSCN3948

Image: ‘\I^

mage: ‘Etihad Stadium – Saints vs Tigers
Etihad Stadium - Saints vs Tigers


Once everyone finished skating, we sat next to a big dinosaur across the road to eat our snack.  This gave us energy to walk to Etihad Stadium, where a tour was planned. Even so, everyone was tired when we arrived. We were introduced to our tour guides and their names were John, Mani, John and Dev. 4KM’s’ leader was John.

We got to go to see most areas but missed out on some places because we arrived so late. To make up for this, they took us to  places that they don’t normally allow the tours to go, which was a bit exciting. We got to go to the Legends Bar, the coaches box, the media box, the commentators box, the corporate boxes, corporate seats and VIP areas.

So the accident on the West Gate Bridge might of made us miss out on the usual activities and tours but meant we got to see areas of Etidhad that people don’t normally see, so we felt a bit special.

Our guide John, took us out onto the players interchange bench (out on the ground),  where we did a  little experiment.

We sat on the bench and John, told us to scream out the word ‘Etihad’ all together.  We did, and it echoed around the whole stadiam. It was amazing!

Thank you for the idea 4KM and 4KJ



What sort of accidents have you  had while ice skating or   doing any other sport?

Would you like to visit Etihad Stadium and   what would you want to see?

What other stadiums around the world have been to?

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Geelong Cup


Geelong Cup

Today is the Geelong Cup. The Geelong Cup is a horse race. Everyone that lives in Geelong gets a day off.

When it is Melbourne Cup, the people in Melbourne get a day off. The Melbourne Cup is more popular than the Geelong Cup because Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria. The Melbourne Cup is on November the 6th 2012.

Today Leopold Primary School gets a day off to celebrate the Geelong Cup. It is very expensive to go to the Geelong or Melbourne Cup.

The Geelong cup is mostly for adults but it sounds like lots of kids in 4KM are interested. Emily from 4KM told me that their parents might be taking them to the Geelong Cup. I hope that everyone that goes to the Geelong or Melbourne Cup will have a great day.

 Geelong Show

The Geelong Show is held before the Geelong Cup. The Geelong show has lots of rides, show bags, animals and games to win things.

There is lots of things you can to do at the Geelong Show. The Geelong Show was on From October 18-21

On Friday night the staff at the Geelong Show put on fireworks for the adience to watch. I didn’t get to see the fireworks on Friday night because I was busy.

On Saturday I had to clean the whole house because it was really messy. My Dad said if we do a good job we might go to the Geelong Show on Sunday (The 21st.) We got to go to the show on Sunday and it was really fun!

Here are some photos from flickrCC of horses racing. (Not from the Geelong Show)


Image: ‘Horse racing! (2)

Image: ‘Lexington Kentucky – Keeneland Race Track “Ready+to+run”

Image: ‘Lexington Kentucky – Keeneland Race Track “I+want+some+hay+for+that+photo”

Image: ‘The winner is….

Here are some more photos from flickrCC but from the Geelong Show


Image: ‘Say AHHHH :-O

Image: ‘Giant Flying Octopus Flingy Thingy

Image: ‘cotton candy cupcakes


Do you like horses?

Did you go to the Geelong Cup?

Have you ever rode a horse?

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Luna Park


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On the hoildays I went to School Hoilday Program, we are going on a bus trip to Luna Park with the School Holiday program. Grade Prep,One,Two and Three had to go to IMAX  to see this Ficton movie about under the see. And the older people (Four, Fix, Six)  got to got to Luna Park.Before we  set off for  the trip we get Free Time. After a couple of minutes we have a meeting then the bus came. The little kids lefted first, we went to Luna Park with Ocean Grove Hoilday Program and North Shore Hoilday Program. Ocean Grove had two big kids with them, so the leader didn’t have a lot on her plate. When the bus was heading to Luna Park it started to pour down with rain. Everbody thought  Luna Park would be closed. And if that was the case  we would have to go to  the Museum.

When we got there, the park wasn’t open yet so we were early. Then the gates opened. We were all happy that Luna Park was opened but we all knew that we would get a very wet bum. But we didn’t care because we would be having so much fun.  We waited about 20 minutes to get a wristband but everybody didn’t get bored while waiting because they were to busy looking at themselfs in the crazy mirror. Then the staff came. The teachers got their wristband first. Even though  they wouldn’t want  to go on any of the rides. But it ended up as some teachers going on rides with kids.
Image: ‘Rosso di sera… – Red night

Rosso di sera... - Red night





Have you ever been to Luna Park?

What is your favourite ride?

What do you like about Luna


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